Energy is for many companies and agencies, one of its main raw materials. The high volatility in energy prices obliges to minimize the most the energy consumption, and to reduce at the minimum level the spending on energy, promoting if possible the self-production systems.

EFENER applies to all of its projects the more efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption. We advise companies and government agencies to introduce those technologies that enable efficient use of energy, while reducing the current and future energy bill. This area encompasses multiple technologies and systems such as the improvement of production processes, air conditioning of buildings, improvements in lighting, enclosures and uses of buildings ... The services offered in this field are divided into 3 areas, although all three are fully interrelated.

Audits and energy saving projects

Is the basic tool for the identification of a potential improvement in the energy management on a company.

    • Free Audits to identify the possibilities of implementation of energy saving measures
    • Pragmatic approach to identify the key areas to be improved with the best available technologies to establish with the client the most cost effective action plan in the short and medium term
    • Performing of energy improvement projects in residential, services and industry buildings or facilities
    • Independence from gas and electricity utilities
Assistance in energy hiring

The first step should be to consume the minimum necessary, but also considering to pay the minimum for the consumed energy.

    • Savings with the tariff election, contracted capacity and recharges on  reactive power consumption
    • Negotiation with utilities
    • Implementation of energy management system Efiweb
Implementation of measures

Seeking the best way to invest to reduce it’s payback.

    • Performance of feasibility studies to implement the saving measures
    • Audit of facilities already built or in the pipeline
    • Construction projects
    • Turnkey installations
    • Permitting
    • Equity and loan search
    • Possibility of outsourcing the investment with Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s)
    • Search of grants