From a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the electricity sector, we can offer a complete service for design, construction and commissioning of all types of electrical infrastructure. Our consulting services range from timely protection systems to the full design of electrical substations. The main areas of activity in which we work are:

Medium Voltage Substations

Design of medium voltage grids for utilities and industries.

    • Fulfillment  of all administrative tasks, prior to the assembly and legalization
    • Basic or detailed projects
    • Dialogue electrical utilities to streamline permits
    • Studies of selectivity of the protections to ensure overall security of the facilities
    • Project Management services and turnkey installations
High Voltage Substations

Integral design of substations.

    • We offer services ranging from implementation and conceptual design to detailed engineering, construction supervision and commissioning
      • Ellist-styleectromechanical design of the substation. Calculation of busbars, conductors, supports, grounding ...
      • Civil works
      • Assistance in the selection and hiring of equipments
      • Studies of selectivity and protection programming settings
    • Permitting including environmental, urban planning and the list of goods affected
    • Consultancy in existing infrastructure protection review tasks, and technical support to the operation and maintenance of substations
    • Training for operation and maintenance
Overhead and underground power lines

Design of medium and high voltage power grids.

    • Performance of basic and detailed projects including:
      • Design of layouts and choice of conductors
      • Incorporation of Data Transmission requirements
      • Supports calculation
      • Civil works
    • Construction Management
    • Permitting including environmental, urban planning and the list of goods affected
Consulting and Training

Consultancy for operators, engineering and installation companies.

    • Solutions in the grid integration of renewable generation plants (unstable grids, islands or micro isolated systems)
    • Simulation of grids. Including static and dynamic systems. Power Flow Studies
    • Selectivity and protection settings studies
    • Expertise on incidents caused by disturbances in the grid
    • Develop of multimedia software, tailored to customer to organize and incorporate projects, schematics and manuals